Happy Family™ Neighborhood™ Sounds Like Home™ Smart House

Product#: C7538
Released: 2004
Discontinued: 2005
Ages: 3+

Sounds Like Home™ Smart House Like a photo album, Happy Family™ captures the everyday moments that make family life special. Whether it's a fun trip to the grocery store or just playing in the back yard, Midge®, Ryan™ and Baby Nikki® bring these times to playtime in a fun, nurturing way. But there's no place like home – and Happy Family™ has the most technologically advanced house that comes "alive" with real-world sounds and dialog in the house – from the telephone and answering machine in the living room to the shower and toilet in the bathroom. Whether Alan® is cooking breakfast or Midge® is changing the baby in the nursery, the sounds of everyday life make playtime feel real. Dolls not included.