Cali Girl™ Steven® Doll

Product#: C4803
Released: 2004
Ages: 3+

Barbie®, Christie®, Teresa®, Steven®, Ken® and Lea™ live it up under the sun! Barbie® and her friends are the ultimate Cali Girls living in the land of eternal summer with lots of fab things to do. Barbie®, Christie® and Teresa® jump in the 4X4 and head out. First stop, the beach, the waves and that perfect spot on the sand. They join Steven®, Ken® and Lea® for a game of volleyball, surfing or hanging out with friends at the surf shop. Barbie®, Christie®, Teresa® and Lea™ wear different tops with a cool swimsuit top underneath and board shorts. They all come with different hip accessories like a bandana, tinted sunglasses, and necklace. Ken® and Steven® wear long swim trunks and come with a fitted, mesh t-shirt, sunglasses and necklace, too.