Barbie Endless Curls

Product#: BMC01
Released: 2014
Ages: 5 years and up

Makeup Barbie® like never before - girls can curl her entire head of long, luxe hair!

With three different types of no-heat curling tools (two irons and a set of traditional rollers) offer different curled looks and endless styling possibilities.

Style even more with the two barrettes and included hairbands (with label art!). Then use the tools or included signature-style brush to straighten hair and start all over - just like in real life. Barbie® doll’s totally on-trend dress features a pink and black bodice and full pink skirt with glittery detail.

Amazing black heels feature a unique cutout effect. Girls will love styling this Barbie® doll for all sorts of occasions - the curling opportunities are endless. Curly, wavy or straight - how would YOU do it?

Includes Barbie® doll dressed in fashion, two no-heat curling iron tools, four no-heat rollers, one brush, two barrettes and three rubber bands with label art. Doll cannot stand alone.