Barbie® Sisters Barbie and Stacie Destination Pk

Product#: BDG25
Released: 2014
Ages: 3 years and up

The only thing that beats an exciting safari is having your sister share the adventure with you! And the only thing that beats that is making a new animal friend together!

This two-pack celebrates that excitement and sisterly bond.

Join Barbie® and Stacie® dolls - along with their new elephant pal - as they get 'wild'!

Dressed in adventuresome animal looks of their own, these sisters are as likely to get as much attention on safari as the 'mane' attractions.

Barbie® and Stacie® dolls are stylishly dressed in coordinated outfit with animal-print tops and pink shorts. Barbie® tops hers with a khaki jacket.

Colorful safari boots let them trudge through mud or high grass in style.

The adorable elephant is designed with a bobble-head for a touch of realism and fun.

Stacie® also has binoculars to let the two sisters 'capture' other animals in the jungle, too.

Includes two dolls, bobble-head elephant figure and binoculars. Dolls cannot stand alone. Ages 3 and older