Barbie® Dolls/Mini Cooper Giftset

Product#: BCG78
Released: 2013
Ages: 3 and up

Everything Barbie® does is done with style, which makes this Mini Cooper the perfect vehicle for her boyfriend Ken® to drive her around in on their fun and fabulous dates. The adorable two-seater convertible is done in a stylish cream with black racing stripes and a sleek black interior. The rolling wheels are detailed with silvery rims, the large lights mimic those of their inspiration and a black antenna extends from the windshield. The license plate features the name of Ken® name along with Barbie® icons for a touch of romance. Barbie® doll looks adorable no matter where the road brings her in an outfit with a bright graphic print and off-the-shoulder silhouette. Girls will love paving new paths and dreaming of driving with this cute car! Includes Mini Cooper vehicle, Ken® doll and Barbie® doll.