Barbie® Doggie Park® Set (AA)

Product#: BBX95
Released: 2013
Ages: 3 and up

Barbie® Doggie Park® Set (AA)
Barbie® loves animals, especially these two sweet puppies! These long-haired cuties each sport curly tails and a colored bow - pink for the light dog, blue for the darker. Both attach to the clips on the double leash that fits in Barbie® doll’s hand. A food, water bowl and two bones (that also fit on the doll’s hand) are perfect for feeding and treats; a dog toy lets them all play fetch. Whether walking or playing with her pups, Barbie® doll looks adorable in a charming dress with a print inspired by her animals pals - lots of dog bones, bows and puppy pictures, plus a few Barbie® signature icons as well. The short skirt is gathered at the waist with a yellow sash that is mirrored in the trim; sweet pink straps are a perfect silhouette for the sleek bodice. Yellow heeled sandals will keep Barbie® stylish! Doll cannot stand alone. Comes with two puppies, leash, dog bowl, two bones and dog toy.