Barbie® I Can Be Sea World Playset (TRU)

Product#: BBV41
Released: 2013
Ages: 3 and up

With the Barbie® I Can Be…™ SeaWorld® Baby Animal Rescuer, girls can explore the role of a wildlife rescuer for SeaWorld®, helping to care for marine animals. She comes dressed to impress and with accessories to help her get the job done. The SeaWorld® uniform and themed accessories add realism to the role-play; two points of articulation add posability and possibilities. The uniform is complete with logo on the blue collared shirt. Black shorts are perfect for working outdoors (and look cute); a bit of fancy trim on the legs and a pink bow sash at the waist add those extra-special Barbie® fashion touches. Her charges include a baby penguin, baby seal, baby turtle and baby manatee, leaving her plenty to do. The turtle and manatee also squirt water. Barbie® doll can check their hearts with the stethoscope and weigh them on the scale. If they're too light, she can feed them fish from the bucket or nourishment from the bottle. If they're too heavy, she can work them out in the little blue pool with its rocky edge and flying flag (in Barbie® signature pink, of course!). Then she can record it all on the progress report. Girls will love testing out the waters in marine animal care with this doll. Set includes Barbie® doll, four baby animals, a pool, the scale, two bottle, two bandages and bucket with fish. Ages 3 and older.