Barbie I Can Be Playset Assortment

Product#: BBJ26
Released: 2013
Ages: 3 years and up

This assortment celebrates careers that require physical skill along with mental acuity with an ocean treasure explorer and a gymnastic trainer. Each set includes a Barbie® doll dressed to impress for her career goals and comes with the accessories to get the job done! Girls can set up the coral reef of the Barbie® I Can Be…™ Ocean Treasure Explorer on its own or attach it to a tub wall using the suction cup mechanism to allow water play. The reef hides a hermit crab and oyster who reveal their surprises with the push of a button: the hermit crab pops out, and the oyster opens its shell to show a pearl. Fold the grass up or down, attach the seahorse and turtle, and spray water with the squirt-toy octopus. The turtle shell changes color with water-activation. The treasure chest also holds a surprise - open to reveal a winking starfish, or flip the switch to find glimmering “gold” and “gems.” Set includes the coral reef, sea horse, octopus, turtle, treasure chest and scuba tank, mask and flippers and Barbie® doll, who also features color-change transformation in her hair. Barbie® I Can Be…™ Gymnastics Teacher keeps her work on land - barely. Barbie® doll has all the equipment to help little Chelsea® doll improve her skills. Hook Chelsea® doll into the balance beam and pull the bar to watch her twirl across; clip her wrists into the high bar and turn the side lever to see her spin in complete circles around it. If Chelsea® doll gets tired, Barbie® doll can inspire her with a floor routine; girls simply push the lever in Barbie® doll's back to make her twirl the ribbon. Girls will flip for this set that includes the balance beam, high bar, twirling ribbon, shelf/medal podium, medal, bag and trophy