Barbie® Mixin’ Magic™ Real Food Kitchen Mix ‘n Dip Maker

Product#: B2596
Released: 2003
Ages: 5 years +

BARBIE® MIXIN’ MAGIC™ REAL FOOD KITCHEN MIXIN’ DIP MAKER Girls can make even more delicious treats! The Mixin’ Dip Maker works on its own or plugs into the Mixin’ Magic™ Kitchen for power. The Mixin’ Dip Maker comes with three flavors of dipping sauce, gummie candies to dip into the sauce, recipe book, two serving dishes with serving forks, napkins and a napkin holder! Gather the "magical" ingredients, add water and mix to create the ultimate dessert! It’s easy to "cook" with no help from Mom! Window box. Ages 5 and over.