Baby Doctor Barbie® Doll

Product#: 56726
Released: 2003
Ages: 3 years and up.

Barbie® doll is a loving, nurturing doctor who comes with two adorable patients and everything she needs to keep them healthy. Expands the fun of the family play pattern with Barbie® doll as the doctor for Midge® and Alan® doll's new baby. Barbie is also Midge doll's best friend. (Midge® and Alan® sold separately.) Barbie gives her patients complete check-ups and has an exam table that rocks babies to sleep. Barbie comes with two adorable baby patients with blankets and little caps. She also comes with a bottle, thermometer, clipboard, bear bottle, baby bottle, baby powder, medicine bottle, tongue depressor, pen, stethoscope, ear scope, eye checker plus cardboard birth announcements, health record, birth certificates, growth chart, baby tips and clip board art.